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Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil

Extra Virgin Norwegian Salmon Oil


Introducing the first and only Fresh, All-Natural marine oil on the market today and it all comes from one bountiful source! Norwegian Atlantic Salmon. Due to our patented extraction method using enzymes and cool water, we gently liberate oil, protein and calcium from fresh Norwegian Salmon within 24 hours. With sustainability being the foundation of our values, HBC is the first company in the world to utilize 100% of the fish for human consumption. For over 30 years, Norway's progressive aquaculture industry has made giant leaps in the raising of Atlantic Salmon. The diet has changed from high concentrations of fish oil and fish meal to a balanced diet of certified sustainable marine and plant based sources. This translates into a full spectrum "Whole" Omega profile on our oil. We do not refine, concentrate, filter or add anything into our oil - we simply don't require it to due to the freshness, successful human clinical trials and a science based belief that we should consume food and supplements in their most natural form.  

Country of Origin and Regulation:

There are many countries that raise Atlantic salmon and they all have different rules and regulations. Norway is the leader and pioneer of the pack, harvesting over 1.1 million metric ton of whole salmon every year! Most other countries allow for widespread, continuous antibiotic use in their feed, unhealthy densities of salmon in the pens, and other destructive farming practices. These are the main reasons for the dramatic supply volatility and disease occurrences in certain countries while Norway has benefited from many years of stable or increasing harvest volumes.  

Within seafood, we still have the luxury of being able to eat a wild caught product and farming will only help ensure it stays that way. Wild caught populations are not increasing, fortunately they're stabilizing due to decreased pressure on supply and a sustainability awareness from 3rd party conservation groups. Many of the groups were also critical of farming 5+ years ago due to the pressure on wild stocks to feed farm raised salmon, which is why farmers have successfully transitioned to a more sustainable diet that includes plant based fats and proteins. We also have significantly lower levels of PCB, total dioxins and heavy metals than wild salmon, (even lower than extra virgin olive oil); however many people like to use old information to continue validating their claims. If you would like any documentation such as certificate's of analysis and specifications on our products, please email me. 

There was recent a 60 minute episode on this exact debate – watch Sanjay Gupta explain his position on farmed vs wild salmon from a health and nutrition standpoint.

 Clinical Trials and Health Benefits: 

 One bio-marker used to identify the potential Cardiovascular events (CVD) is Oxidized LDL-GP cholesterol (oxLDL-GP) and our oil has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the amount of oxLDL-GP in the bloodstream after 30 days using our daily recommended amounts – 2 soft gels per day.  Consuming our oil has many other well researched benefits such as anti-inflammatory benefits, depression, mood, joints, skin and this doesn't just apply to us as humans – all pets benefit from this revolutionary oil as well. We have spent the last 5 years researching and perfecting our process and are now ready to introduce the finished product to the market.  

The keys to our success are the extraction method (which helps the oil maintain all the natural molecules and lipids found in fresh Norwegian salmon), the freshness (which keep oxidation at a minimal level) and the controlled diet of Norwegian Salmon (which allows us to supply the benefits of all Omegas in 1 soft gel - Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9) with ZERO antibiotics and ZERO GMO's and is GRAS certified. We also test EVERY lot for toxins such as mercury and PCB's - since inception, we have never seen levels that are even remotely concerning. Far exceeding all FDA and EU regulations. Many other fish oils can make similar claims; however its because their  product has been refined and/or  distilled  to clean out the toxins and rancidity - ours is untouched!

No marine oil producer should ever state that consuming their product is better for you than eating the fish – and we won’t either! However, our salmon oil is the closest you can possibly get to eating Whole, Fresh, Norwegian Atlantic salmon. 

For further information - please utilize our brand new informative website that we update weekly. We will be launching a SKU for our salmon protein isolate powder in the comings weeks!